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Get the Aesthetic Body of Your Dreams as You Enter Summer!

Corrective operations, such as abdominoplasty, are advised to eliminate abdominal deformities and sagging brought on by bariatric surgery and severe weight loss. Before summer, those who struggle with abdominal deformity can attain an attractive appearance with a stomach tuck.

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Multiple Pregnancy Factors in Abdominal Prolapse

When the muscles in the abdomen relax as a result of extra skin and subcutaneous tissue, abdominal abnormalities result. The most frequent reason is more than one pregnancy. The abdominal muscles and the tissues above the skin are stretched beyond their natural limit of suppleness during pregnancy. “Rectus diastasis” is the term for the separation and tearing of the membrane that holds the rectus muscles together, allowing the trunk to migrate forward.

This shape and distortion are also impacted by postpartum weight loss. Because of this, the extra weight accumulated during pregnancy needs to be shed within the first six to twelve months of giving birth. The abdomen surface will tighten and revert to its original shape in this manner. If skin sagging continues during this period despite diet and exercise, the abdominal area will probably not be able to recover without surgery.

Beware of the abdominal wall when losing excess weight!

Unhealthy weight gain is a significant contributing factor to body sagging. Excessive stretching of the abdominal wall, or extra skin, results from dieting or stomach reduction surgery used to lose excessive weight. One of the other things that might cause abdominal sagging is bodily deformities that follow abdominal surgery. Abdominal abnormalities may result from incision scars from cesarean sections, intestinal, gall bladder, or stomach surgeries.

What Should Be Considered Before Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Anyone who is over the age of eighteen, in excellent health, and who has no health conditions that would prevent them from having surgery, can have a tummy tuck. Prior to the procedure, the patient’s lifestyle and medical history should be taken into account. It is important to assess the impact of prior pregnancies on the abdominal wall as well as the patient’s weight gain and loss history. One should evaluate prior surgical procedures, whether they were closed or open. The procedure should be delayed if the patient who will be having surgery loses more than 5 to 6 kg. Prior to the procedure, the patient needs to be encouraged to get closer to their goal weight.

Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Risky?

What Should Be Considered Before Tummy Tuck Surgery?